The European Banking Institute (EBI) based in Frankfurt is an international centre for banking studies resulting from the joint venture of Europe’s preeminent academic institutions which have decided to share and coordinate their commitments and structure their research activities in order to provide the highest quality legal, economic and accounting studies in the field of banking regulation, banking supervision and banking resolution in Europe.

The Institute

Our Research

BI contributes and evaluates the quality of bank regulation, supervision and enforcement in the EU with a view to promoting financial stability, market efficiency and the equitable treatment of stakeholders.

EBI Policy Center

Our Policy Center review and discuss with the banking industry and regulators the most recent  developments in the European banking and financial system.

EU Banking Database

EU Banking Cases Collection enhances the transparency of the cases pending before, or decided by, the Union Courts in the area of the EU banking union and to offer a tool to academics and practitioners.


EBI Masters and courses are aimed, in the spirit of the Meseberg declaration, to the development of multi-jurisdictional teaching activities of the law of the Banking Union in the Eurozone.


The largest community of experts on banking and financial regulation in Europe.
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Our groups gather academics, regulators, banking industry and practitioners to promote dialogue and research on specific areas of interest.

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